Relax your body and mind with our Hata Yoga lessons. All ancestral yoga practices Asana, Pranayama, with concentration and meditation of Yoga Nidra will be fused to explore the mind limit.
This practice will leave you feeling free eithin your body as opposed to restricted and tired, and offers clarity of mind.

In the Hatha Yoga lessons all the techniques of the classical tradition will be suggested: Asana, Pranayama, Concentration and Meditation and Yoga Nidra combined with a more celebratory approach to the practice that explores the limits that prevent us from living in harmony with our freedom.
The aim of the practice is to improve the quality of life through a work on the body, on the breath and at the same time on the mental states, balancing the vital functions to obtain physical and psychological benefits.
The natural result of a serious and constant practice is the mental calm that arises from the development of the mantal presence in daily activities, so as to benefit from the positive effects of Yoga not only during practice sessions but in every moment of life.

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