The hands and feet are the gates through which you achieve the pure wellbeing. Thanks to the power of water and essential oils, this ritual will give you a feeling of rebirth and renewed energy. The ritual begins with aromatherapy, continues with the specific Mei products for hand and feet care, the scalp massage and ends while sipping Eastern Garden Tea.
    45 min € 50,00

    A hymn to the beauty and perfumes of our land: only the best of the Mediterranean region is enclosed in this valuable treatment with a relaxing and rebalancing action, enhanced by the purest essential oils of Orange and Lemon. Your skin will be visibly more beautiful, elastic and perfumed, while you will be lulled by a pleasant state of harmony. The beneficial effect of Orange begins with aromatherapy and ends while sipping Sicily Garden tea.
    60 min € 70,00

    The massage that every woman wants, enhanced by Podostrigiles, to feel more beautiful, more toned, without cellulite. Indulge in an incisive and beneficial ritual that takes advantage of the active ingredients of Orange, Fennel, Arnica and Juniper, elasticizing the tissues, stopping the accumulation of fat and removing the stagnation of liquids. Mei innovation for women, for healthy and natural beauty. The ritual is completed by sipping the 9 Herbes Mei SPA herbal tea.
    60 min € 80,00
    90 min € 100,00
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