The ANTI AGE ritual has been specifically designed to restore tone, brightness and firmness of face and hands’ skin from the very first session, thanks to the power of the precious essential oil of Tamanu from Polynesia. The ritual begins with aromatherapy, it involves the use of eight natural Mei products with an anti-free radical and anti-wrinkle action and it ends while sipping the delicious Delizia di Fragola Mei SPA infusion.
    50 min € 80,00

    Mei OXYGENATING ritual creates a wave of wellbeing that, from the face, spreads to the entire body. You will finally feel the skin resuming to “breathe” thanks to the preciousness of Silicium, enhanced by the pure oil of the desert, the Argan, which will nourish the skin deeply and soothe the visible signs of aging from the very first session. The ritual begins with aromatherapy, it involves the use of nine natural Mei products, scalp massage and ends while sipping Aroma di Sottobosco Mei SPA infusion.
    50 min € 90,00

    MEI LIFTING ritual gives back a rejuvenated, plumped and glowing skin with an incredible feeling of general well-being. Wise scientific maneuvers, also performed with Podostrigiles, and a specific line based on colloidal silver, vegetable waters from wild plants and essential oils will give you an immediately visible result. The ritual ends with the application of the Solid Perfume made with Sandalwood and Lime oils that will make you preserve the emotion of this unforgettable ritual, while sipping the delicious Rejuvenate Mei SPA infusion.
    60 min € 110,00

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