PMP-Phytomassopodia® is the first patented method that, from the feet, generates a wave of wellbeing that spreads to the whole person. Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, detoxifying and rejuvenating: PMP is the feather in the cap of Mei entire research and encloses five scientific disciplines: motor sciences, physiotherapy, podiatry, termalism and phytology. As handed down by the ancient Romans, this ritual brings together the use of water, hot or cold phyto-muds, gymnastics and essential oils, enhanced by the massage with the Podostrigiles®. Let yourself be accompanied in this new dimension of well-being... starting with the right foot!
    50 min € 70,00

    Starting with the feet is the right approach to find the psycho-physical wellbeing. PMP Welcome ritual is specifically designed to achieve a beneficial anti-stress and revitalizing effect in just 15 minutes, thanks to the refreshing effect of the essential oil of Peppermint from Piedmont and the maneuvers with Podostrigiles®
    15 min € 20,00

Born from the scientific research of Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, it is the first patented method for the wellbeing that starts from the feet. Available in three different rituals, it provides excellent results from the very first session and a long-lasting wellbeing. The PMP is the sum of the best existing treatments for your feet, enhanced by specific products realized by Mei and the innovative massage tool: the Podostrigiles® that recalls the features of the ancient tool used by masseurs in the Roman baths.

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